First Tee Greater Kansas City is dedicated to coaching and mentoring children throughout Kansas City region. First Tee participants develop social and emotional life skills while they learn the game of golf. Our programs are designed to teach the sport, etiquette and rules, connecting all of this to life off the golf course. The Outstanding Participant Award is the epitome of the Life Skills Experience and life in First Tee. First Tee participants are encouraged to give back to the community, excel in their schoolwork, persevere through challenges and practice inclusion and mentorship for younger participants. These participants are highly active and wonderful examples of the effectiveness of our program. These participants volunteer whenever First Tee asks and offer to assist the program in creative ways. Most importantly, these participants do all of this because of their loyalty and dedication to First Tee and not necessarily because they expect recognition and awards. Who is Frank Kirk? Frank Kirk is a longtime supporter and mentor of First Tee. Mr. Kirk enjoys the game of golf and has played throughout his life. He tells great stories of playing against golf legends as a junior golfer and believes in the life skills taught at First Tee. As a board member, Mr. Kirk has assisted First Tee in growing the donor and community support for more than twenty years. Mr. Kirk is a former Board of Director President and our organization’s Honorary Chair. As a mentor, Mr. Kirk has assisted in connecting First Tee and the participants to opportunities that grow the organization and the children’s experience. Mr. Kirk knows that golf is a wonderful opportunity for all of our kids to learn important skills needed later in life all while having fun and creating new relationships. Mr. Kirk believes all Kansas City children need access to these skills and works hard to make those connections happen. Who is eligible for a Frank Kirk Outstanding Participant Award?
  • High School Junior or Senior
  • Active Participant- Eagle or above
  • History of participating for a minimum of three years
  • Apply for and attend at least one Participant Opportunity
Recognizing Achievement
  • As a participant, the award winner will be active in the Life Skills Experience program at the Eagle Level or ACE Level. It is possible for a participant to achieve ACE certification and be an alumnus-coach while still in high school. These participants are also eligible.
  • Mentorship is an important part of First Tee. The award-winning participant must be a mentor to younger participants either as a coach or other opportunities.
  • Leadership is a strong part of the growth in First Tee. The award-winning participant must show leadership capabilities on and off the course.
  • Volunteerism is essential to the success of First Tee. The award-winning participant must be an active volunteer for First Tee and other organizations.
  • Recommendations from a coach in First Tee’s program are essential. The award-winning participant will also have recommendations from members of the greater Kansas City community.
Frank Kirk Outstanding Participant Award 2018 Winner Profile