Does my child need golf clubs?

All equipment is provided, but if your child has his/her own clubs, you are encouraged to bring them.

What should participants wear to class?

Traditional golf attire is not required, although players are welcome to wear golf spikes, collared shirts, and slacks/pants. Most players will be comfortable in athletic clothing, including tennis shoes or even rain boots on wet days. No sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes are allowed.

What if we miss a class or are unable to attend?

Although we hope that every student will attend every class, we understand that life happens. If a student misses a class, he or she is welcome to attend a class held previously in the week if it is not already full. Please contact your coach to let them know that you will be attending a make-up class during a different class time.

Could you describe a typical program day?
0:00 – Youth check-in, registration, welcome, overview of day’s activities
0:10 – Groups of 20-30 youth break up into 2-3 groups of 6-10 youth based on age and/or ability, each group has 1-2 coaches assigned in the group.
0:15 – Begin carousel of activities ranging from putting games/exercises, chipping games/exercises, pitching games/exercises, full swing games/exercises, on-course games/exercises. (In addition to the golf skills, First Tee also emphasizes that the participants learn to demonstrate basic Life Skills such as properly introducing themselves, managing their emotions, setting goals, and appreciating diversity. These lessons are seamlessly integrated into the golf activities, games, and exercises).
1:15 – Wrap-up and reflect on the day’s activities and lessons and make general announcements and dismissal